DATE:  January 14, 2019

TIME:  7:00 PM

PLACE: Narberth Community Theatre, 6376 City Ave., Philadelphia, PA  19151 (located within the Overbrook Presbyterian Church)

AUDITIONS will take place first come, first served.  Call-backs, if needed, will take place on January 21

REHEARSALS will take place Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, starting March 3. 

CASTING: Director Erin Guard seeks 5-10 actors, ages 30 to 50.  Actors with good timing for fast-paced comedy are sought.  All roles are open.  Doubling may take place depending on the turn-out.   

QUESTIONS? Or, if you wish to have a copy of the sides  contact Director Erin Guard at:


“California Suite” consists of four comedic vignettes that take place in the same hotel room. 



VISITOR FROM NEW YORK – Standard American accents, please! 

– Hannah Warren (late 30s to mid 40s):  Hannah has arrived to confront her ex-husband and take back their teenage daughter who has run away to him.  She is an intelligent, savvy career-woman who is snarky and on the defensive. 

– William Warren (Early to mid 40s):  Billy and Hannah’s daughter claims she’s fled to him because of the casual, laid-back West Coast culture.  His mannerisms must reflect this.  He arrives to talk the situation through with his ex-wife.  She pushes his buttons, but he is not particularly pushy.


VISITOR FROM PHILADELPHIA – Suburban Philly/Main Line accents are welcome! 

– Marvin Michaels (40s to 50):  Michael wakes up next to his passed-out one-night stand, and his wife is arriving any minute!  Hilarity ensues.  This character has a great monologue. 

– Bunny (Early 30s):  The passed-out one-night stand.  Actors interested in a small, non-speaking part are invited to contact the director.  Otherwise, this character will be doubled with one of the visitors from Chicago.

– Millie Michaels (40s to 50):  Arrives to join her husband for a bar mitzvah.  Does not suspect the surprise that is waiting in his bed!  This role is a great opportunity for a character actress. 


VISITORS FROM LONDON – British accents, please!  In Scene 1, the couple is very “put together;” in Scene 2, they are not.

– Sidney Nichols (mid 30s to mid 40s) – Handsome and sophisticated.  Sidney is married to Diana to maintain his heterosexual image.  Supportive in Scene 1, fed up in Scene 2.  Actors may try a more heterosexual accent in Scene 1 than in Scene 2. 

– Diana Nichols (mid 30s to mid 40s) – A glittering movie star.  Diana is ready for the Oscars in Scene 1.  In Scene 2, she has not won an Oscar and is starting to come down after an embarrassing bender.  Actors are asked to try a “higher class” British accent in the first scene than in the second.


VISITORS FROM CHICAGO – Standard American accents.  All actors must be able to stage fight.  Beth and Gert must each be small enough to be carried by two men. 

– Mort Hollender (late 20s to early 40s) – He and Beth have gone on vacation with their best friends, and it’s not going well.  He’s past angry and ready for a fight.  Mort is a big guy. 

– Beth Hollender (late 20s to early 40s) – Has injured her ankle playing tennis.  Is lashing out with lots of uncharacteristic profanity.

– Stu Franklyn (late 20s to early 40s) – Is on the defensive because Mort is accusing him of injuring Beth.  Stu is smaller and/or skinnier than Mort. 

– Gert Franklyn (late 20s to early 40s) – Hilariously accident-prone.  Attempts unsuccessfully to be the peace-keeper.